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2016 GMY course began enrollment!



GMY Art & Design Foundation Course



1. Course description

GMY Art & Design Foundation Course was set up by GMY Consulting Group Limited and managed by Beihang University School of Continuing Education, taught by School of New Media Art and Design mainly for sophomore art students who need preparation of 8 or 9 months before going abroad with a total of 801 classes of intensive English, Art & Design Practice and Art History training.



GMY Art & Design Foundation Course has consistently adhered to and executed rational study concept according to China’s actual level of high school art classes, following the foreign university teaching methods and teaching philosophy; it has always progressed according to foreign university admission requirements and standards, specifically made for qualified and willing to go abroad before doing postgraduate students. It is a systematic and personalized training and guidance made in order to comprehensively improve the Chinese Fine Art students’ international competitiveness and overall education quality, so as for now GMY students are studying successfully in such developed countries like America, Great Britain, Australia and Canada as well as other English speaking countries to continue to study undergraduate courses.


After completing GMY Art & Design Foundation Course, eligible students will receive Beihang University certificate of completion of this course and will directly go to the program of Ministry of Education, which allows to go abroad basing on GMY certificate to acquire a bachelor’s degree in comprehensive arts, media and design in more than 50 well-known art colleges and universities in America, Great Britain, Canada and Australia, etc. 



The art & design practice and history of art in GMY Art & Design Foundation Course are being taught by professional teachers from School of New Media Art and Design, focusing on cultivating the “big art” concept in art education and, according to students’ willingness and professional direction, plan specifically targeted professional counseling. Overall, art & design practice takes 45% of the whole course and art history – 10%.


Course name 1: Art Practice


Teaching Unit: Beihang University School of New Media Art and Design

Course content: basic courses include – drawing, coloring, sketching, etc.

Professional courses include: basic design, imagination and composition, basic painting techniques, creative graphics, portfolio guidance, graduation summary assessment.


Teaching features: all teachers have experience of studying abroad, small groups are formed and there is a possibility of one-to-one guidance.


Course ratio: 45% of the total number of lessons.


Course name 2: History of Art


Teaching Unit: Beihang University School of New Media Art and Design

Course content: Chinese art history, foreign art history, academic writing about art, guidance through English documents on art and so on.

Teaching features: comprehensively improve the theoretical knowledge, develop critical thinking skills, and stimulate original creative potential.

Course ratio: 10% of the total number of lessons.


Course name 3: English


Teaching Unit: GMY Consulting Group Limited

Course content: basic English, IELTS and TOEFL basics and progress, IELTS and TOEFL exam skills, academic English and Anglo-American culture. Auxiliary courses: English movies, English debates, English corner, English diary, etc.

Teaching features: compilation of Chinese and foreign teachers (including members of former US parliament); listening, speaking, reading and writing full intensive training, small classes of 25 students.

Course ratio: 45% of the total number of lessons.


4.Visa application service

Implementation of Art & Design Foundation Course was made in the interests of all students of GMY. Students, based on their professional orientation and individual willingness can choose five colleges in two countries. Previous students’ enrollment rate was 100%, visa pass rate – 100%.



Since 2005, GMY Art & Design Foundation course held 11 sessions and successfully trained a total of 600 students, some of which went to Oxford University, to the Royal College of Art in England, to Yale University, to Rhode Island School of Design in America and other world-renowned universities or art schools to continue their post-graduate studies.




Contact: Brighton Xu


Telephone: 010-65801161